Crystal Maze Live



“Dive inside The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience – the outrageously popular 90s TV show that’s now a stunningly immersive adventure you can experience for yourself. It’s very simple: grab some friends, run around like loons, yell like there’s no tomorrow, complete a variety of tricksy challenges and end up wearing some sensational satin bomber jackets. What more could you possibly want?”


Each team was given an individual game master who guided you through, the game masters really created the atmosphere and was fun to interact with.

Room Set up

There was plenty of room across the whole of this game for the maximum team size of 8. All rooms had exceptional detail and creativity, it was like you were inside the tv game show for real, without the holiday prizes of course.

Game Play

The games varied and you were able to choose what type of game your participated in, the was a bit of physical activity required to move across the different zones but all this added to the atmosphere. There are 4 different types of games, mystery, physical, mental and skill over 4 different zones Aztec, futuristic, industrial and medieval. for anyone who like Becky and I that loved watching the show there are a few games which you will recognise! If you are locked in your team members use a crystal to release  you after you have solved a riddle; lucky none of our team members got locked in. You are against 3 other teams of 8 to gather as many crystals as possible which gives you an allotted time in crystal dome, whichever team gets the most tickets from the dome wins. As we are a 2 we were put in with 6 other people who we had to get to know quickly, this could be daunting for people so please be prepared for this or bring a bigger team of friends.

Clue System

Clues were given by your game master who is with you throughout every game, also other team players are able to stand outside to aid you.

Escape Time


Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★★★

Immersion ★★★★★

Difficulty (Cannot comment due to different games)

Wow Factor ★★★★★

Overall Experience ★★★★

We really enjoyed this unique experience, the game actually deserves a 10 however the price lets the game down and you don’t get any keepsake to take home unless brought from the overpriced gift shop.


Prices depend on the date booked, price starts from £54.99 per person.

Crystal Maze Website


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