Played 6th May 2018


“The dead lie dormant awaiting the next victims who dare to enter their sanctuary.You have one hour to escape before they absorb your soul, leaving you trapped in their place for eternity. But this is Housetrap, and escape doesn’t necessarily mean survival!”


Our host was great as previously mentioned in our other post Vinny’s Lair however for this game we explained that Laura isn’t a fan of scary rooms as she can be extra jumpy, nether the less our host informed us that Laura shouldn’t worry. Becky even joked and asked the host for a comfy corner for Laura to rock in. The host reassured Laura that he will try to keep the scary bits away from her and we were led down the corridor to Laura’s nightmare.

Room Set Up

The room was dark as we entered and we all huddled together (well…Laura was clinging on to everyone) as soon as our clock started the countdown the room lit up. Although the room was dim it was bright enough to see, the space was full of props and decoration, this along with sound effects and lighting was the perfect mix to fully emerge you into the theme. There was a vast amount of space which would adequately fit the maximum size team of 6.

Game Play

The puzzles in this room are non linear but the connection to each aspect of the game were very clear if you keep your eye out for it. The game has a mixture of physical, logical, skill and observational to get everyone involved. As it is non linear each member of the team can carry out different puzzles at the same time.  There is a mixture of electronic, coded and key padlocks for this game. The game revolved around 6’s as there is 66 minutes of game play, 6 clues and 6 main puzzles to escape, which is all relating to the Dormant theme. This game also had a twist as not only did you have to escape but you also had to each find a vaccine to survive.

Clue System

Clues were given by a TV screen, you press a button to get a clue. For this game you only had 6 clues to use which incurred a 2 minute time penalty (If the host is feeling nice, you can get a few more for free.)

Escape Time

52 Minutes 47 Seconds, 2 Clues used

Although we escaped in good time, not one of our team members found the vaccine so we all lie dormant…

Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★★★

Immersion ★★★★

Difficulty ★★★★

Wow Factor ★★★★

Overall Experience ★★★★

We thoroughly enjoyed this room and will highly recommended to anyone who is down in the Cornwall area whether you are a newbie or an experienced escapist. We loved the physical aspect of the game as its different to a lot of rooms we have previously played, which tend to more logical. The atmosphere with lights and sound effects really immersed you into the game and better still Laura didn’t need that corner after all! Although her screams and jumping were a little distracting at times. You can really see that a lot of thought and effort has gone into creating this room, with the combination of lighting, decor, effects and how ‘666’ ran through the game. We also liked the added twist of finding the bottles of vaccine. The host was fantastic and we are excited to see whats in store next for Housetrap!


2 Players   £40

3 Players   £50

4 Players   £60

5 Players   £70

6 Players   £80

Traphouse Escape Room Dormant Website


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