Played 15th May 2018


Strange machinery breathes in the stillness of the laboratory. Bubbles rise in a mysterious green liquid. Cogs tick. Gears clank. And in the air, the unmistakeable sound of fear…

As your breathing stills, and your pulse slows to normal, you take a look around. What happened here? It looks like the previous occupant of the room has left in a hurry. But why? Your eyes grow used to the dusty light, and you begin to make out the discarded pieces of arcane mechanisms. There has to be a pattern, a code, something to show you the way out. Contraption was the first of our Nottingham escape rooms, and its fiendish ingenuity has given it legendary status! Can you put the clues together before the clock hits zero?

You’ll need a combination of wits, nerve and inspiration to beat the machine and find your way out. With false steps and wrong turns waiting to confound you, the only way to outwit Contraption is to work together. Use your team’s skills to solve physical and mental puzzles, crack cryptic codes, and unravel the secret escape route left behind by the mysterious inventor.

Will you solve the riddle of this fiendishly-designed Nottingham escape room? Or will the last sound you hear be the cogs of the lock, as they turn and seal you in forever? Join the intrepid souls who have tried to defeat Contraption. Many have attempted the challenge. But this room is smart. Some might even say… it’s alive…


Our host was really bubbly as she went through the necessary dos and don’ts of the game. She told us the plot, set the scene for our game and gave us our first clue.

Room Set Up

The room was really dark but our clue was to fix it so we started our search fumbling around, we hope that isn’t much of a spoiler… oops. The room had odd bits all around the room which was relevant to the theme. There is loads of room for the maximum team size and plenty for everyone to do.

Game Play

The game was very linear which was like all the rooms we played at Escapologic, we prefer this as it helps with game play and lets you enjoy it more than stressing out over what is relevant. There was a mix of automated and key padlocks in this game. The game also requires a little physical activity.

Clue System

Our host delivered clues when she thought we needed it via a word board that lit up certain words. We loved this clue system, at first it does freak you out but you then get accustom to it.

Escape time

42 minutes 24 seconds!

This is our personal best so far!!

Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★★★

Immersion ★★★★★

Difficulty ★★☆☆☆

Wow Factor ★★★★★

Overall Experience ★★★★

This was a really interesting room, with lots of inventive puzzles to solve in some very creative ways. We really enjoyed playing this game as its been unlike any we have come across before. The theme was great and we loved the way we received clues. we would highly recommend this room.


2 players   £40

3 Players   £57

4 Players   £70

5 Players   £80

Escapologic Contraption Website


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