Houdini Mysereum


Played 13th May 2018



Our hosts were friendly and you could really see the passion they have for their creations and loved the Houdini room. Laura being the wimp she is had been panicking about this room thinking it was call Houdinis Misertaryum as in a scary game and kept asking the host if it was a scary room, as soon as our host said the name of game ‘Mystereum’ we both burst out laughing realising how stupid Laura felt for reading the name of the room wrong this whole time.

Room Set Up

The room was full of wonderful objects that completely set the scene of Houdini’s Museum everything was in keeping with the theme. It was actually eye opening to see what Houdini has achieved.

Game Play

The game was a mixture of linear and non linear puzzles, with both key and combination padlocks with a little magic thrown in 😉

Clue System

Clues are delivered via tv screen with the host being able to hear everything that is being said.

Escape Time

57 Minutes 29 Seconds

Our Overall Experience

Puzzles ★★★★★

Immersion ★★★★

Difficulty ★★★★★

Wow Factor ★★★★★

Overall Experience ★★★★

We loved this room as the theme is completely different to what we’ve encountered before. Our hosts were fantastic and you could see the passion they have for escape rooms in the way they have set this room up. The puzzles were inventive and really told the story of Houdini. The added magic in the room was amazing, it threw Becky for a second. We also played Baker Street Mystery on the same day. We would highly recommend this room.


2 Players   £44

3 Players   £63

4 Players   £76

5 Players   £85

6 Players   £90

Xscapenow Houdini Mystereum’s Website

Photo of Baker Street Mystery Escape Room

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