Operation Deluge


Played 31st May 2018

This room was played by Laura and Ben, it was Ben’s first ever escape room.


“Interpol receives worrying call from a man called Noah. He tells them that the biggest dams in the world are wired with explosives. His reason? He wants to punish mankind however, he decided to give people a chance! He built an Ark and inside, there is a hidden way to deactivate the explosives. You are Interpol’s agents. You get into the Ark and have 60 minutes to stop the countdown.”


On our arrival we were greeted by 2 lovely ladies behind the front counter. After a little natter, our host asked if we were ready and led us to another building; please note the room is about a 2 minute walk away and there are stairs to climb. When we arrived our host got us to watch a short video brief about our room, after this she went through some of the locks we may encounter and asked if we had any questions. We were then given a clipboard and our first clue.

Room Setup

The room was spacious with various pictures and maps hung on the wall, there is plenty of lighting in the room. One thing i wasn’t keen on in this game is that the partition between the first and second room is mesh; this allowed you to see in to the next room, this damped down the surprise element of the game, as you could see what tasks are ahead of you. As this was quite a big space, there was lots of room for the maximum team of 6 players.

Game Play

This game is non linear which was great to experience as most escape rooms i have played are linear games, this hindered me slightly at the beginning as i wasn’t used to playing this sort of game, but as i got in to the flow of the game i got accustomed to this. As this is Ben’s first room he didn’t have any expectations so it didn’t affect him much. There is one puzzle I thought was a great idea for a certain padlock, but i cant give any spoilers away, hiss —< The game included logical, observational and maths puzzles with a mixture of key and coded padlocks. This game uses a computer for one part which I haven’t seen incorporated into a room yet. Please note the safe will time you out for 3 minutes if you input the code wrong 3 times.

Clue System

Clues were given via our host over walkie talkie, the brief does state you are only allowed 3 hints but this isn’t true.

Escape Time

FAILED 😥 I blame Ben haha 😉

Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★☆☆

Immersion ☆☆☆☆

Difficulty ★★★★★

Wow Factor ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Overall Experience ★★☆☆☆

As a first timer Ben really enjoyed this room and said he would recommend it to people, but said it was a hard room especially with the maths puzzle.

I enjoyed this room but found a few of the puzzles didn’t really relate to the theme so confused me slightly, we were so close to escaping but maths isn’t my strongest point so took us a bit of time to figure it out (We really needed Becky for this game!) Also it didn’t help we had to wait 3 minutes for the safe as we were locked out for putting in the wrong combination, but this is explained to you before hand, i just got trigger happy with the code. This room would be suitable for larger teams as everyone can get involved. I really enjoyed my time at CyberQ and would love to visit the Alice in Wonderland room on my next trip.

Cyber Q Operation Deluge Website


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