Played 29th July 2018


“Will you perform a Séance at 13 Paper street?  The eminent paranormal investigator Clarissa Stubbs disappeared last year while exploring an abandoned house known for paranormal activity.  When retracing her footsteps and attempting to discover what happened, you and your team awaken the same foul phantoms as she did that fateful night.  Can you make your escape or will you join Clarissa on the long list of forgotten souls who were foolish enough to venture into the crooked old house on Paper Street?”


Our hosts Tom and Justin were very welcoming when we arrived, we had previously completed The Brunel Enigma and has just returned from a short break. With Laura being the most nervous about this game the hosts were very reassuring, they went through the safety briefing, took us to the room to give us the back story of 13 paper street where we met Clarissa.

Room Set Up

The decoration in the room was exceptional! It gave all the feelings that you have just stepped into the creepy house that is plagued by urban legends of ghosts and strange happenings. The lighting and sound effects just added to the immersion and kept us on our toes with anticipation with what is going to happen next. The lighting in the room is quite dim but this is in keeping with the theme of the room. There is adequate space for the maximum sized team of 6 players.

Game Play

This is a linear game, that uses mainly automated elements with the occasional padlock. Puzzles were a mix of observational and a little problem solving. The game has a really good flow and wasn’t stagnant at any point.

Clue System

Riddlr have a very unusual clue system that was so inventive and we loved it. Clues were given by the spirit Clarissa who contacted you through a haunted mirror.

Escape Time

46 minutes 20 seconds

Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★★★

Immersion ★★★★★

Difficulty ★★★☆☆

Wow Factor ★★★★★

Overall Experience ★★★★★

Being a horror themed room, this is a game that we would tend to avoid as Laura doesn’t play well being scared or in the dark. Laura surprised herself  with how much she enjoyed this room (Becky and Natalie did expect her to spend the hour crying in the corner at any light flicker or noise). The immersion Riddlr have created is amazing, we were all on edge throughout the game, even down to the clue system being delivered through a haunted mirror! We would highly recommend seance and our looking forward to visiting Riddlr again to play …… on our next visit to Bristol.


2 Players   £50

3 Players   £69

4 Players   £84

5 Players   £95

6 Players   £102

Seance Riddlr Website




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