Played October 5th 2018


“After a monotonous 9 to 5 shift, you get home and look around, deciding that you need a change so you call up a few friends and arrange to do something exciting. How about that new ‘escape room’ thingy that just opened near the town? The posters look stimulating and it’s had great reviews! Everyone agrees that it’s a good idea so you decide to book in and a few days later you are standing in the blackened void that is the Trapp’d reception eagerly waiting.

You have decided to try ‘The Monosphere’ room which promises to be a crazy, mind-bending psychoactive experience all rolled into one fascinating room. What you don’t realise, however, is that the government are actually using this room to test a new form of mind-modification to try and create the ‘perfect utopia’ within society – a sort of brain-washing totalitarian epidemic, if you will. Anyone who attempts this ‘escape room’ unconsciously falls into a passive stupor of compliance and conformity… Do not let this be you! Figure out a way to escape without alerting anyone to your recognition of the untold activities being performed within this room. Trapp’d in with 60 minutes to escape… before you lose your mind!”


Our host Dan was so nice, he gave us a very warm welcome. You could tell he really enjoyed his job as we had to tear our selves away at the end of the game to get to trapp’ds other location to play Exordium

Room Set Up

Before entering the game our host put blind folds on us and led us into our game.  Once our game had started we were aloud to take them off what we saw was mind boggling, optical illusions which were mind bending covered the room. There was minimal props and the space is big enough for the maximum sized team of 6.

Game Play

This is a linear game which really test your senses, the optical illusions played tricks on our minds at times but this added to the fun of the game. Puzzles in this game mainly are observational and use padlocks, the games flow started well however we got a little stuck in the middle of the game, which was a little frustrating.

Clue System

Clues were given by our host via a …..

Escape Time

53 minutes 30 seconds

Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★☆☆

Immersion ★★★☆☆

Difficulty ★★★☆☆

Wow Factor ★★☆☆☆

Overall Experience ★★★☆☆

Mono sphere was a very different to any game we had played before in the sense of the games setting. We enjoyed this game and loved our host Dan. This was our first experience playing a trapp’d game so we were really looking forward to our visit to billing aqudrome.



2 Players   £39

3 Players   £49

4 Players   £59

5 Players   £69

6 Players   £79


2 Players   £49

3 Players   £59

4 Players   £69

5 Players   £79

6 Players   £89

Trapp’d Rooms Website


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