Poppa Plocks


Played October 3rd 2018


“This bonkers escape room game takes place within secret rooms of The Depot pub in Islington, guaranteed to provide you and your team with a whole lot of fun and silliness as you take on the 60 minute challenge of the twisted toy-maker Poppa Plock.
Guided by Oki, the outrageous ventriloquist dummy, your team must complete Plock’s penultimate creation by taking on the crazy clues, contraptions and characters within.”


After standing in a very cosy bar for a short while we noticed our host Wynn, we approached him, introduced ourselves and then he marched us (literally!) upstairs to our game. Wynn was a fabulous host, he done really good job at trying to get our energy going before we began the game and gave us the most comical health and safety we’ve encountered.

Room Set Up

This was a dimly lit room with parts that are quite dark. The room was decorated how you would expect a creepy toy workshop to be, with a range of toys which evoked a little nostalgia between the two of us. The room was a very good size and would fit the maximum team of 6 very comfortably.

Game Play

This was a very linear game with a nice diagram which gave you an idea of what to tackle next. Puzzles were a range of skill, observational, and logical. The game had a nice flow, incorporating the theme and props in the room really well. Although we did hit a stale patch at one point during the game, we were soon back on track with a little nudge. This game mainly used coded padlock with a few magnetic locks dotted about. This game has the most unusual ending, Becky had no idea what was happening but Laura managed to save the day.

Clue System

Clues were given by poppa plock who had a bit of a foul mouth at times and on occasions we had a little help from Wynn who came and gave us a little hand.

Escape Time

59 Minutes 3 Seconds

Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★☆☆

Immersion ★★★★

Difficulty ★★★☆☆

Wow Factor ★★★★

Overall Experience ★★★★

This was our first encounter with a live actor during a game, at first we were a little taken back by Wynn’s loudness, but soon warmed to him. This is a fun game which I would recommend anyone to try, although larger teams of 5-6 players may find themselves stuck for something to do at various points of the game. Without giving any spoilers the finale to this game was a great giving the ending a really good twist. The health and safety brief is very important so make sure you listen carefully.



2 Players   £70

3 Players   £84

4 Players   £108

5 Players   £130

6 Players   £150


2 Players   £60

3 Players   £78

4 Players   £100

5 Players   £120

6 Players   £138

Handmade Mysteries Poppa Plock’s Website


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