Boiling Point


Played October 7th 2018


“You and your team are tasked with defusing a bomb planted deep inside a police station. Hold your nerve, be patient, but also react quickly to make sure Boiling Point doesn’t get the better of you! You must hurry before time runs out and find the evidence to make your escape.”


Jak was our host again after playing Enchanted Forest this was our final room after playing all 4 games Break Escape have to offer on the same day. Jak explained this was a hard room however we were ready to take on the challenge, Jak went through the brief and gave us the story of the game before being ushered in and the door closed.

Room Set Up

The set up for this room is what we expected and has been decorated with props you would find in a police station. This room use a mixture of coded, key, directional and mag locks. The game is spacious but a slight squeeze for a large team in the beginning with good lighting. The rooms would comfortably fit the maximum size team of six with extra space.

Game Play

There are good range of puzzles in this game which mainly consist of logical and observational. Observation plays a big role in this game, collecting items which you may not immediately need but will need later on, so keep a pile of items close by. The game had a very good flow as it was mainly linear, however don’t try searching for an IED like we did, Jak had a laugh about it.

Clue System

Clue were given via a computer screen

Escape Time

50 minutes 18 seconds

We made 7th on the leaderboard, and the fastest team of two!!

Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★★★

Immersion ★★★★

Difficulty ★★★★★

Wow Factor ★★☆☆☆

Overall Experience ★★★★

This was our 4th game at Break Escape and the final game of our 21 game road trip. Being the toughest game at Break Escape we were worried of failing the game but we were pleasantly surprised that not only did we make 7th on the leaderboard, we are the fastest team of two to escape! We barely had any clues too! This was an unexpected high note to finish off our week of escaping. We really enjoyed this game, Thank you Break Escape for hosting us.



monday-Friday after 6pm, Saturday and Sunday

2 Players   £50

3 Players   £60

4 Players   £70

5 Players   £80

6 Players   £90

off peak

Monday-Friday before 6pm

2 Players   £45

3 Players   £55

4 Players   £65

5 Players   £75

6 Players   £85

Break Escape Boiling Point Website


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