The Shadow Darkens


Played 2nd September 2018


“Jack Armstrong – the worlds most unfortunate detective – is relying on you to clear his good name. In a world steeped in drama and intrigue, in an office full of codes and puzzles, lies a sinister tale of betrayal and danger. Sharpen your wits and steel your senses, enter the world of  1940’s film noir and solve the mystery to escape”


Our host Tom was really lovely, very enthusiastic and interested in hearing our stories as we can talk about escape rooms all day. Tom went through the brief and we signed a waiver and led into our room.

Room Set Up

The room was a typical office setting with a few props spread around the room, the room is large however it does get a lot smaller as you move through the game. The room didn’t have much lighting but one light moved so you can point it to where you would like. Everything in the room had a purpose which is great as you don’t get confused with red herrings. This room would fit the maximum team size of 6 but as the game moves on 6 will defiantly be a squeeze we would recommend 4 people max to play this game.

Game Play

The game is linear like most escape rooms we come across, this is good as the story flowed well. The room consists of minimal padlocks and maglock openings. The puzzles consisted of observational, mathematical and logical with a little bit of morse code that we always struggle on.

Clue System

Clues were given by our host via a telephone in the room.

Escape Time

43 minutes

Our Overall Rating

Puzzles ★★★★

Immersion ★★★☆☆

Difficulty ★★★☆☆

Wow Factor ★★☆☆☆

Overall Experience ★★★☆☆

We really enjoyed this game, just like The Heist they put loads of thought into the room and their puzzles, we defiantly didn’t feel disappointed after playing except Laura got hurt after she decided to walk into the shelves. We love the atmosphere within the room and use of props to gain clues and open objects. You even get a little pin after you have played which is a lovely touch.


2 Players   £50

3 Players   £60

4 Players   £70

5 Players   £80

6 Players   £90

Red House Mysteries The Shadow Darkens Website


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